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Sophie Ts
Pizza, Salads, Subs & So Much More

When Rob and Kelly Noll opened Sophie T’s Pizza in July of 2000, their goal was to create a family-friendly restaurant offering great food and great value.  Nine years later, this mom-and-pop team is as dedicated as ever and turning out what we think is Nantucket’s best pizza, along with a delicious selection of subs and wraps, salads, and hot entrees.


We can’t think of many places on Nantucket where 40 bucks will buy a hearty dinner for four—but at Sophie T’s, four can feast for $40!  Even the half-dozen beers and wines by the glass and by the bottle are affordable.

Rob got his start in pizza working summers at Federal Street Pizza back in the late 70s, and went on to refine his culinary and management skills in five other Nantucket restaurant kitchens before opening Sophie T’s.  According to Rob, key to his success is “you’ve got to love the business and care about the product and the customer...We take our job very seriously.”  Serious they are, but it’s clear that the Nolls and their staff also enjoy what they’re doing—customers feel instantly welcome and comfortable.  And hungry!  Delicious aromas of freshly baking pizza, roasted garlic, and spicy smells of sausage and pepperoni fill the restaurant, heightening everyone’s appetite.

The ambiance at Sophie T’s is casual and comfortable.  There’s plenty of room for friends and family, as well as smaller tables decked out with red-checked tablecloths and fresh flowers.  Photos local kids’ sports teams (many with the Noll’s daughter Sophie among them) adorn the walls, punctuated by humorous signs and Red Sox paraphernalia.  Service is fast and very friendly, and the kitchen will cater to special needs.  Sophie T’s doesn’t take reservations, but the dining room is spacious and turnover is quick.  

The restaurant opens every day at 11:30 am, and is often instantly busy.  Locals know they can get a delicious, hearty, and fast lunch here without breaking the bank — call ahead and there’s no wait.  The menu is served continuously, so if you don’t stop for lunch till 3 or are ready for dinner at 4:30, Sophie T’s is ready to serve you.

Pizza is available by the slice all day —choices always include a Cheese Pizza, a Pepperoni, and three others with a variety of toppings, displayed for your inspection on the countertop behind glass.  Point out the slice you want, and they’ll pop it back in the pizza oven ‘til its hot and lusciously melty.  We like to fold our slices over lengthwise, and eat it from the tip back to the crispy-chewy crust—it’s the perfect way to attack this New York / New Jersey style pie.

Sophie T’s pizza comes in classic small (12-inch) and large (18-inch) or you can order any of their various pies on an 18-inch whole grain thick Sicilian crust or on a 12-inch flatbread crust that is somewhere between bread and cracker, flaky and thin but not brittle.  The crust is twirled to the perfect thickness and customized with your choice of 30 toppings. 

They also offer nine specialty pizzas, and we tried four of them.  The classic Margherita was a table favorite, with the vibrant flavor of their homemade tomato sauce combining deliciously with the basil and fresh mozzarella. 

Also very good is the Meat Lovers’ Pizza, aptly named and surprisingly not greasy despite being laden with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, and bacon—we like this one best in the classic NY/NJ style, especially when the crust has those tasty crisp bubbles along its chewy edge.  A cold Stella is the idea accompaniment.

We like the Five Cheese Pizza best on the flatbread crust and love the way the sweet, mellow flavor of the roasted garlic permeates the mix of mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, cheddar, and feta. A layer of fresh spinach tucked under the cheese, helps to cut the richess and add substance. 

Best of all is Sophie T’s multi-flavored Greek Pizza, also best on a flatbread crust.  This white pizza (no tomato sauce) is topped with fresh spinach, red onion, pesto, fresh tomato, slices of black olive, mozzarella and feta cheeses.

Sophie T’s offers much more in addition to their fabulous pizzas.  Their Tangy BBQ Wings are a terrific change from the buffalo variety.  The large wings are twice baked (not fried!) and coated with Rob’s own house-made spice blend that is a little bit sweet, a little bit smoky, and has just a touch of heat.  Chunky blue cheese is served alongside for dipping, but we like to savor these morsels plain.

Soups are prepared in-house every day and vary at the whim of the Chef.  Kale (a New England classic) is very popular and very good, as are Split Pea with ham, Italian Wedding Soup, Pork with White Beans, and Chili.

Salads at Sophie T’s are prepared to order and big enough for two—if you want a salad “to go,” consider ordering it as a wrap!  Their  Cobb Salad arrives on an large plate piled high with mixed greens, sliced hard boiled egg, crisp slices of cucumber, shredded carrot, cheddar, red onion, lots of crumbled bacon, and chunks of tomato that are delightfully juicy and flavorful even out of season. Laid across the top of the salad are warm slices of moist chicken breast. 

The Goat Cheese & Roasted Red Pepper Salad is just as huge and every bit as tasty as the Cobb!  For this fresh and summery salad, they top the fresh greens tossed in a tangy vinaigrette with sweet roasted peppers, lots of mild and smooth goat cheese, fresh tomato, and slices of red onion for a pleasant bite.

If you want a appetizer-sized salad, they offer a simple Garden Salad, a classic Wedge, and a superb Caprese Salad that features fresh tomato slices alternated with fresh mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic glaze and a fresh house-made pesto.   We agree with Kerry who described this as “chocolate for tomatoes.”

The trio of hot entrees offered at Sophie T’s are Italian comfort food. Jumbo Stuffed Shells, tender and toothsome are chock full of a blend of cheese and swimming in a delicious old-style Italian-American sauce, deep red and naturally sweet.  They arrive at table piping hot in the dish they’re baked in with a liberal dusting of parmesan and toasty garlic bread for mopping up the remaining sauce.

We were also impressed with the  Housemade Lasagne.  Layers of cheese, pasta, cheese, seasoned ground beef and sausage, and cheese are perfectly seasoned and served in generous portion.  Garlic bread also accompanies.

Sophie T’s Pizza offers several sweet and decadent desserts, such as Turtle Cheese with caramel sauce...

...and the warm and gooey Chocolate Decadence, but our favorite is the homemade thick and chewy white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.

Sophie T’s Pizza

7 Daves Street in Bayberry Court, Nantucket Commons
Full menu served daily
Mon.-Sat. from 11:30 am; Sun. from 4 pm
restaurant seating and full menu offered for takeout
beer & wine • Visa, Mastercard & Discover accepted
families welcome  •  plenty of parking